The very essence of a great family

Goikoa was founded more than 90 years ago by Eugenio Jiménez, who started out by making and selling sausages in a small butcher’s shop in Sangüesa. His son, Javier, who played a key role in the creation and development of Goikoa, put all his energy into the company, showing his passion for the product, and made the business grow. Today his children who, together with all those forming part of this family business, have inherited this passion and desire for continuous improvement, are all working side by side, striving to achieve their shared goals. In this long history of challenges and achievements, Goikoa has successfully positioned its products in the most important Spanish and international display racks.cha

Constantly evolving

As a result of our ongoing development,

we have built a strong presence in the domestic market and we firmly believe that there are no borders, just markets waiting for the best.


The origins

The origins of Goikoa
A small butcher's shop in Sangüesa


Javier Jiménez Goikoa

Javier Jiménez Goikoa
Started out as a businessman in the meat sector.


Public Limited Company

Goikoa became a Public Limited Company
Changing its name from Javier Jiménez Goikoa to Embutidos Goikoa, S.A


Factory opening

Opening of a new 7000m2 plant. Goikoa had a clear, forward-looking strategy, focussing its investments on more human and material resources.



This year marked the start of the company's expansion into international markets.


Plant extension

Plant extension
Our new facilities enabled us to double our capacity and to adapt to customer demands.



Goikoa, looking to the future
Goikoa is committed to innovation and efficiency to underpin its development and to ongoing re-investment in HR and specialist employees.


Goikoa at present

Goikoa is continuing to focus on innovation and efficiency and on an ongoing reinvestment in HR and specialist employees.

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