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Passion has forged our essence and know-how for almost a century. Passion for detail, for a job well done, and for continuing to offer the best quality products with which we stock the tables of millions of homes around the world each day.

Commitment to innovation, quality and food safety, making us what we are today: one of the main processed meat manufacturers in Spain and a key player in the sector both nationally and internationally.

New Goikoa Extraordinarios!

We are launching a new and improved line of cooked meats; Cooked Ham Extra and smoked flavour Turkey Breast Extraordinarios.

Enjoy a new, thinner and round slice and its incredible flavour created to delight even the most discerning palates. Two extraordinary products that you will love.

Turkey chorizo and salchichón!

If you like traditional flavours, you will be amazed when you try our Goikoa turkey salchichón and chorizo! Spectacularly flavoursome.

Impossible not to take a bite. 

Goikoa Nature Respect

We are highly aware of the urgency to minimise climate impact, which is why we are making major investments in new packaging, using 100% recyclable trays made from at least 70% recycled contents. In turn, we have cut down plastic in our packaging by up to 33%.

Committed to quality

If it’s Goikoa, it’s good

We care about the food that reaches you and your family. That’s why we only launch quality products, made using the best raw materials, and that meet all food safety standards and guarantees. So you can be sure that if it is Goikoa, it’s good.

Cooking with Goikoa

Bring out your hidden chef with our incredible recipes 

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