Quality from start to finish

Own laboratory.

More than 10,000 analyses / year.

Member of the CONFECARNE Health and Nutrition group.

Member of the CONFECARNE Technical and Legislative working group.

Member of ANICE (National Association of Meat Industries of Spain).

Member of CNTA (National Centre for Food Safety and Technology).

Proven certified quality

The highest standards in food safety and quality:

  • Our products include a complete HACCP system.
  • BRC (AA+) Certificate SAI Global – EFSIS.
  • IFS (Higher) Certificate SAI Global – EFSIS.
  • Member of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium.
  • Member of the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium.
  • Animal Welfare Scheme approved by PAI.
  • Member of Reyno Gourmet (brand covering food products with a quality certificate from the Autonomous Community of Navarra)
  • Member of the Plastic Sense Foundation




Our commitment starts with you, by creating products that fill your shelves with quality. We work together, to move forward together and earn the trust and confidence of our consumers. We innovate in order to develop solutions that help consumers trust a brand that cares for their welfare and quality of life.

The level of awareness is measured by the level of commitment, and the level of commitment with the measures implemented. For this reason, at Goikoa we believe that, as a company, it is essential to have a firm, well-defined environmental policy.

Innovating to adapt to the future

In the belief that R&D&I is more than a mere acronym: it is a fact.

We maintain ongoing contact with the market and its requirements from our areas of research, marketing and sales. And, based on this capacity to listen to your requirements, we make it possible to develop new products, new concepts, new formats.

  • New pilot plant for new product development.
  • Planning and implementation of the New Product Development Control and Monitoring System.
  • We have multiplied our human resources directed at the Quality Department and R&D&I.
  • We are focussing our research on achieving healthier and more flavourful products, adapted to new consumer habits and concerns.

Goikoa, we're your best ally

We continue to be an approachable company, where people are the key to the future.

Although we are a much stronger company in the domestic and international markets, we are still a family-run company that has not changed its ways. We have grown with out customers, offering a quick, attentive service.

At Goikoa, we are all customer-oriented. We could call this HR, but we prefer to simply call them people.

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