Discover the new Extraordinario Goikoa range 

At Goikoa we are proud to introduce the new products we have just released into the market: the new Extraordinarios “Jamón, Jamón” and “Pavo, Pavo”. Nothing more, nothing less. Two top-quality products in a new and improved format; more delicate, fresher and tastier, ready to seduce even the most discerning palates.

These two products – Cooked Ham and Turkey Breast – are high in protein, low in fat, gluten-free, lactose-free, and are being introduced into the market as the ideal product for people looking for an “extraordinary” experience.


Thinner and more delicate slices

One of the main new changes is the cut, which is much thinner and more delicate, giving an extra boost of flavour in each mouthful, allowing consumers to enjoy all this product’s nuances.

These new products also adapt to consumer preferences, offering round cuts which are much easier to separate without breaking, making the product much more convenient for consumers.


A drive for the absolute best quality

The new Extraordinario range has a high meat percentage, higher than many other products in the market. Our Cooked Ham, for example, contains more than 85% meat, making it an “Extra” quality product. Moreover, our Turkey Extraordinarios follow an improved recipe with a delicate smoked touch, which enhances the flavour even more.

As well as the quantity, the quality of the raw materials used is outstanding.

New sustainable and more practical packaging

The packaging for the new Extraordinarios is more environmentally friendly, with our trays using 33% less plastic, resulting in an enormous reduction in plastic use each year. Furthermore, they are produced using 70% recycled plastic, and are 100% recyclable for consumers. A pioneering improvement in the sector that helps contribute to bringing down the climate impact.

More practical and resealable packaging improves food preservation, locking in the freshness for longer and helping it last longer under optimum conditions. 

“My kids love this range, and so do I, because I know I’m giving them good, quality food. So now all our snacks are extraordinary”

Mamen Castell


“We carry out an exhaustive selection process of the best meat, only using the finest cuts, increasing the quality and flavour of the product”

Charo Redín

Goikoa Quality Manager

“When you try it, you can tell it’s got a special, more natural flavour. And the new format is ideal, thinner and easy to store”

Silvia Cooking


“I like this range because as well as being delicious, the packaging is sustainable. We should all be aware of this issue and opt for environmentally friendly products”.

Carlos García



to enjoy the full flavour of the Goikoa Extraordinarios range

Extraordinario “Jamón, Jamón” gourmet sandwich with spiced apple

A gourmet delight with the packed flavour and quality of Goikoa with an exotic hint of spices. Ideal for those who love quick and flavoursome cooking! Try it

Extraordinario “Pavo, Pavo” rolls with home-made guacamole and vinaigrette

Enjoy an explosion of natural flavour with these fun turkey breast rolls. A simple and healthy idea, perfect for looking after your waistline without giving up full flavour. Try them!

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