We care about the food that reaches you and your family, which is why we only launch quality products, made using the best raw materials, and that meet all food safety standards and guarantees. 



We are totally and utterly committed to quality, which is why we have tools that enable us to control all our processes and why only the best external auditors certify the highest standards in food safety for all of our products. Commitment to quality and safety to ensure the constant trust of our consumers:

Total traceability

We control the entire production process of all our products, ensuring maximum traceability along the complete production cycle.

IFS (Higher)

We have an International Featured Standard (Higher) from SAI Global – EFSIS which guarantees the quality of our products.

BRC Standard (AA+)

We have the SAI-Global – EFSIS BRC Standard (AA+), which assesses and certifies quality and safety of our food packaging and wrapping.

HACCP System

Our products include a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point as a preventive measure to guarantee maximum security.

Company laboratory

We have our own on-site laboratory for analysing product samples and quality control, with over 1,000 analyses performed each year.

Members of CNTA

We focus technology and innovation on food safety and are members of the National Centre for Food Technology and Safety.

Member of ANICE

We belong to the National Association of Meat Industries in Spain (ANICE), and the association president is no other than our very own CEO, Alberto Jiménez.

Spanish Chorizo Consortium

Members of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium, which guarantees the origin and quality of our chorizo, certifying an exhaustive product control.

Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium

Members of the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium, which recognises the high quality and origin of our Serrano Ham, as well as its production process.

Reyno Gourmet

We are part of the prestigious brand, Reyno Gourmet, which recognises the quality of agri-food products from the Autonomous Community of Navarre.

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