About us

At Goikoa we have been providing customer service for over 90 years, filling every day and special moments with Goikoa value, flavour and quality. A long history of challenges and achievements that have made us the reference brand for millions of households, and the trustworthy supplier of distributors around the world.

Almost a century of growth and passion for our work, which started off with the manufacture and sale of home-made cold cuts in a small butcher’s shop in Sangüesa by our founder, Eugenio Jiménez. A passion for a job well done, which was inherited by his son, Javier, who managed to transform that small business into a booming, innovative, robust and solid industry.

Today his children have taken on that very same spirit of constant evolution, to form part of this family business which currently employs many people, working shoulder to shoulder to keep offering top-quality products that meet consumer needs.

Over 80 Goikoa products and references
Present in the main distributors
Exportation to over 20 countries
Quality and certified food safety
Commitment to sustainability
Constant drive towards innovation


Almost a century growing by your side

Origins of Goikoa

What we now know as Goikoa, started off as a small butcher’s shop in the town of Sangüesa (Navarre, Spain), where Eugenio Jiménez was dedicated to lovingly produce his own cold cuts to sell in his local neighbourhood.

First steps and growth

Javier Jiménez Goikoa took over the reins of the business from his father, and investing the same passion, he started out his journey as an entrepreneur in the meat sector, securing major growth and firm roots for the brand.

The commercial brand is born

The significant growth of the family business led to its constitution as a Limited Company, evolving into Embutidos Goikoa, S.A., and giving us the commercial brand we all know today.

Facilities expanded

To allow for the brand’s unstoppable progress, the facilities were expanded, with a new 7,000 square-metre plant opened and investments poured into achieving new human and material resources.

Internationalisation process

The development of an important exportation and international expansion strategy began, which opened the company beyond national borders to find a place in new, international markets.

Creating a new plant

To adapt the company to client demands, the production capacity was doubled, and a new plant was created, giving the company a total of 22,000 metres of constructed facilities.

Constant innovation

Constant reinvestments are still being made in technical and human resources, with the aim of continuing to back innovation and efficiency as the main driving forces of our present and future development.

A modern company

We support constant growth, and have made an important expansion to our facilities, enabling us to create new product ranges. We have also launched a new line of more sustainable packaging, entitled GOIKOA NATURE RESPECT.


Our roots as a family business make us who we are and help us act differently, closer and more committed to sustainability, safety, quality and innovation. Looking after each other and our surroundings constitutes a cornerstone of our everyday lives at Goikoa.


We care about the food that reaches you and your family, which is why we only launch quality products, made using the best raw materials, and that meet all food safety standards and guarantees. 


Fall in love with the full Goikoa flavour

Chorizo, chistorra, serrano ham, salchichón, cooked ham, snacks… We have one of the widest ranges of products on the market, in formats and styles for all tastes.

Highest quality products available in the main supermarkets, hypermarkets and in the best butchers’ shops and delicatessens, so that wherever you are, you can always find the Goikoa product you need, ready to triumph.

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