Goikoa manufactures for Amazon

At Goikoa we are embarking on a new project as suppliers to the retail giant, Amazon, manufacturing quality sausages for their new and revolutionary physical shops in the UK.
Since last year, Goikoa has been working with enthusiasm on this project to bring our products to the shelves of the physical shops that the American brand has opened on the European continent.  We have thus become one of the first Spanish suppliers to Amazon’s physical shops, for whom we manufacture three references of quality sausages under the Amazon brand. Products made with pork of Spanish origin and the best ingredients, with which the brand seeks to conquer its consumers in these new sales spaces. This project is a further step in our expansion process and is in addition to other challenges already achieved by Goikoa, such as the sale of Goikoa products on international marketplaces such as Alibaba or in supermarkets and physical shops in more than 20 countries around the world.

Amazon shops are set to revolutionise the market with a new concept of non-interactive shopping, thanks to its “Just Walk Out” technology that allows customers to shop by simply scanning the Amazon app at the entrance to the shop with their mobile phones. A shop model that is expected to be a great success and which will mark the beginning of Amazon’s expansion process on the European continent, as the UK shops will soon be followed by others in various European cities.

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