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Products designed to triumph

Passion has forged our essence and know-how for almost a century. Passion for detail, for a job well done, and for continuing to offer the best quality products with which we stock the tables of millions of homes around the world each day.

Commitment to innovation, quality and food safety, making us what we are today: one of the main processed meat manufacturers in Spain and a key player in the sector both nationally and internationally.


Amazing Dried Snacks

Crispy slices of Serrano ham and Goikoa cured pork loin. Two very WOW! snacks that have arrived to revolutionise the market with their incredible flavour and their surprising crunchy format, without frying!

Deliciously tasty and healthy, with a high protein content and less than 83 kcal/pack.


Diced Chorizo & Ham for cooking

We present you our new products for cooking: Diced Serrano Ham Reserva Duroc and Diced Chorizo Extra for cooking.

Two new top quality products ready to conquer the market with their impressive flavour that will raise the category of all your dishes.


Mini Fuet & Mini Chorizo Snack. Delicious!

Fuet and Chorizo Extra in snack format, perfect to eat in one bite and share with whomever you want, anywhere and at any time of the day, authentic snacks of pleasure!


Serrano Ham Duroc

Quality made ham

New Goikoa Serrano Ham made with exquisite top quality Duroc pork and a careful curing process of 14, 20 and 24 months. A product to conquer the most demanding palates with its delicious flavour and intoxicating aroma, typical of the highest gastronomy.

Goikoa Nature Respect

We are highly aware of the urgency to minimise climate impact, which is why we are making major investments in new packaging, using 100% recyclable trays made from at least 70% recycled contents. In turn, we have cut down plastic in our packaging by up to 33%.

Committed to quality

We care about the food that reaches you and your family. That’s why we only launch quality products, made using the best raw materials, and that meet all food safety standards and guarantees. 

Cooking with Goikoa

Bring out your hidden chef with our incredible recipes 

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Certificados Goikoa

Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda del Gobierno de Navarra en virtud de la convocatoria de 2022 de Fomento de la Empresa Digital de Navarra.

Esta empresa ha recibido una subvención de Gobierno de Navarra al amparo de la convocatoria de 2022 de ayuda para mejora de la competitividad.

ZERO PLASTIC. Este proyecto ha sido financiado por el Gobierno de Navarra en la convocatoria de ayudas "PROYECTOS PARA ESTRATÉGICOS DE I+D. CONVOCATORIA 2021". Esta financiación forma parte de la contribución de Navarra al Plan Complementario de Agroalimentación AGROALNEXT incluido en el Componente 17 Inversión1 del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia.

El Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de Energía (IDAE) ha otorgado a Embutidos Goikoa, S.A. una ayuda para la mejora de la eficiencia energética dentro de la convocatoria del Programa de ayudas para actuaciones de eficiencia energética en PYME y en gran empresa del sector industrial del año 2019.  Más info >