“The IAWS seal offers a guarantee to our customers”

Charo Redin, head of the quality department of Goikoa, talks to the magazine Revista Cárnica about what it means for Goikoa the seal of Animal Welfare IAWS of INTERPORC Spain, in an interesting interview.
What does the IAWS seal bring to Goikoa?

“”For Goikoa, having the IAWS animal welfare seal of INTERPORC on the labelling of our products means a standardisation of criteria when it comes to building a strong discourse on animal welfare. For us, the IAWS seal is a guarantee to offer our customers.

And it is so because it is more demanding than European regulations; it is backed by a high-level Scientific Committee of recognised prestige; and it takes into account elements such as biosecurity, handling, health, food safety, antibiotic reduction or complete traceability. For all these reasons, it guarantees a level of certification with the highest standards in animal welfare, which in turn favours the efficiency of the production system and facilitates the development of a more sustainable production model.”

Was it difficult for you to comply with the specifications?

“It has not been difficult for Goikoa to comply with the specifications of the IAWS seal. We have been working in this direction for years. In short, this seal is a traceability requirement, an aspect that is fully implemented in our company.”

What other actions does the company take to promote animal welfare?

“At Goikoa, last year we created our own seal where all the actions we carry out in the company are grouped in the direction of caring for and favouring our planet (…)”

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