1.7 million invested in a new Drying Warehouse

As part of the company’s strategic plan, and in the search for a qualitative leap to maintain our position as a reference brand in the Spanish meat industry, in June 2019 we invested 1.7 million euros into constructing a new “drying warehouse”. This sum adds to the 5.5 million we have been investing since 2018 into improving our production.

With this build, our facilities have expanded to 12,000 square metres – of which 1,300 comprise the new specialised warehouse for drying and maturing our cured meats. This project will also enable us to expand our sliced capacity by 25%, which currently stands at 45 million slices units/year. In the words of Alberto Jiménez – company CEO – “Expanding our facilities responds to the growth in demand of our products, and our constant need to apply the most ground-breaking technologies in all our cold cut manufacturing processes”.

Through this facility improvement process, we have adopted new capacities to meet both the growing market demand and consumer needs. We have also incorporated top-level technology and equipment to gain greater competitiveness in a highly demanding market such as the agro-food sector.

The recent works, therefore, are a strong drive to increase the space where we perform the critical drying and maturing process of the cold cuts using a double strategy. On the one hand, we have incorporated specific facilities and equipment to obtain optimum temperature and product humidity control of the product, therefore guaranteeing the quality of the cold cuts. On the other hand, the area has been equipped with latest-generation technology to expand product processing capacity by 25%. 

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