Chorizo and Salchichón, also available made with Turkey


If you like traditional flavours, you will be amazed when you try our Goikoa turkey salchichón and chorizo! Spectacularly flavoursome. So much so, you won’t be able to resist taking a bite.

Discover these two new references in top-quality chorizo and salchichón, which have emerged as a response to the growing market demand and to all consumers wishing to incorporate lower-calorie products into their diet.

Available in different formats; sliced on a tray, double pack combining chorizo and salchichón, freshly cut products for butchers and delicatessens… So you can enjoy it just how you like it!

Turkey Chorizo

REF: 62391

Turkey Chorizo + Salchichón

REF: 62393

Turkey Chorizo

REF: 60042

Turkey Salchichón

REF: 60024

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