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Our roots as a family business make us who we are, and help us act differently, closer and more committed and aware of our surroundings; our employees, society, the environment, distribution… Fundamental cornerstones of our everyday engagements at Goikoa.

Goikoa Supermercado
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Our commitment to our consumers is wholehearted and constitutes one of the cornerstones of our activity. We are well aware of changes in demands and market trends, as well as our consumers’ concerns and wishes when it comes to creating unique products and formats that meet their needs, making us a benchmark brand in millions of homes around the world.

For almost a century we have been striving each day to offer solutions in consumer nutrition, health, flavour and convenience, giving our customers added value and ensuring they have a truly Goikoa experience.

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We are one of the main processed meat manufacturers in Spain and the global supplier of choice of cold cuts for the main distribution players in Spain. With proven market experience, we are able to offer a competitive service and provide an optimum quality-price ration in both products and services. Our service and care are based on active listening, flexibility and rapid response to demands.

 That is why we only create products that fill our consumer’s shelves with quality, feeding the trust we have earned from our customers and innovating to develop solutions that help society believe in a brand that cares about its well-being and quality of life.



Goikoa Supermercado
Goikoa Supermercado
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We are a close business, in which people are the true driving force and key to the company’s future, past and present. Our roots as a family company are reflected in the passion, cohesion and vocation of Goikoa’s team. 

Our work method is based on caring for and respecting our employees, to whom we uphold a firm backing in training, innovation and on-going improvement. 

We are also keen to ensure mutual respect and equality between men and women as foundation of our work; we have an Equality Plan including measures to make sure everyone within the Goikoa team has the same opportunities.

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At Goikoa we believe that a solid and well-defined environmental policy is fundamental. That is why we promote a circular economy model in our packaging as an alternative, to minimise the climate impact and to strengthen our engagement to the environment.

We are striving for more sustainable packaging, with 100% recyclable trays, made using up to 33% less plastic and 70% recycled plastics. We also have the EcoSense certification for incorporating recycled plastics into the manufacturing and packaging process of our products, and we are members of the Plastic Sense Foundation, which promotes responsible use and recycling of the PET food tray.


Goikoa Supermercado
Goikoa Supermercado
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At Goikoa we see innovation as a way of listening and understanding the present to successfully adapt to future needs. This has been one of the keys that has enabled us to grow and become the company we are today, enabling the development of new projects, products, concepts and formats that will revolutionise the market.

  • We direct research towards obtaining healthier and more flavoursome products, adapting to new consumer habits and concerns.
  • New pilot plant for developing new products.
  • Planning and implementation of the Control and Follow-up System of New Product Development.
  • We have multiplied the human resources allocated to the Quality and R&D&i Department.

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