More than 8 tonnes of product donated to Food Banks

From the start of 2019 to mid-March 2020, 8,322 kilograms of Goikoa products were donated to the Navarre Food Bank (BAN). More than 8 tonnes of product have reached the tables of the Navarrese people that need it the most.

The Navarre Food Bank Foundation, under the slogan “Say no to hunger and waste”, collects and distributes food for the most vulnerable people, and as a way of fighting against food waste. This work is possible, to a great extent, thanks to the donations from companies such as ours, which supply the association with its products.

Currently more than 65% of the food distributed by the Navarre Food Bank is obtained through donations from companies in the Navarrese agri-food sector, such as Goikoa. That is why these contributions are so important.


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