Chorizo Goikoa

Our chorizo is characterised by its exquisite flavour, the result of a painstaking curing process, a stringent production process, and a carefully studied selection of raw materials. This is the only way to achieve such a tasty and natural chorizo like ours.

Chorizo 100% Natural Extra

REF: 62081

Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 62394

Chorizo Vela Dulce Extra

REF: 62396

Chorizo Pamplona + Salchichón

REF: 62397

Chorizo Vela Dulce + Salchichón

REF: 62398

Turkey Chorizo

REF: 62391

Turkey Chorizo + Salchichón

REF: 62393

Turkey Chorizo

REF: 60042

Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 60004

Spicy Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 60008

Mild Chorizo Extra Vela

REF: 60035

Spicy Chorizo Vela Extra

REF: 60033

Mild Chorizo Ring

REF: 61564

Spicy Chorizo Ring

REF: 61563

Chorizo Sarta Extra Ecológico


Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 60012

Air-Dried Chorizo (Cooking)

REF: 62256

Diced Chorizo Extra (Cooking)

REF: 62513

Mini Chorizo Snack

REF: 62499

Mini Chorizo (HORECA)

REF: 62043

Chorizo Pamplona Extra (HORECA)

REF: 60824

Chorizo Vela Dulce Extra (HORECA)

REF: 60825


Goikoa is a member of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium. This meat association guarantees the origin and quality of our chorizo, certifying an exhaustive product control.