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Top quality products without allergens, so that whatever your requirements, you too can enjoy your favourite Goikoa products.


Extra Cooked Ham “Extraordinarios”

REF: 62404

Turkey Breast "Extraordinarios"

REF: 62405

Serrano Ham

REF: 62390

Goikoa Luncheon Meat

REF: 61808

Chorizo Extra from Navarra

REF: 62081

Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 60004

Spicy Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 60008

Spicy Chorizo Extra Vela

REF: 60033

Mild Chorizo Sarta Extra

REF: 61564

Spicy Chorizo Sarta Extra

REF: 61563

Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 60012

Chorizo Extra and Bread Sticks

REF: 62259

Fuet Extra

REF: 62210

Air-Dried Chorizo

REF: 62256


REF: 62257

Chistorra 440 g.

REF: 62325

Chistorra 200 g.

REF: 61972


Mild Chorizo Extra Vela

REF: 60035

Pyrenean Whole Cooked Ham

REF: 60449

Pyrenean Cooked Ham (11X11)

REF: 60447

Extra Whole Cooked Ham

REF: 60057

Sandwich-Style Cooked Ham 11X11

REF: 60459

Natural Smoked Bacon

REF: 60074

Shaped Smoked Bacon

REF: 60075

Luncheon Meat

REF: 60068