Salchichón, Fuet and Salami

We take the selection of meat and other ingredients for all our products extremely seriously at Goikoa, so that when you try them you can be sure you are eating the best Salchichón, Fuet and Salami on the market.


Salchichón Extra

REF: 62395

Salchichón Supreme

REF: 62080

Salchichón Extra + Chorizo Pamplona Extra

REF: 62397

Salchichón Extra + Chorizo Vela Dulce Extra

REF: 62398

Salchichón Extra + Turkey Chorizo

REF: 62393


REF: 60826

Salchichón Extra

REF: 60015

Turkey Salchichón

REF: 60024


Fuet Extra

REF: 62210

Sticks Fuet

REF: 62267

Mini Fuet Snack

REF: 62500

Mini Fuet

REF: 62044


Salami Extra

REF: 62366

Salami Extra

REF: 60025

Salami Extra

REF: 60827